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Under The Night

Trance: "Vex Pac?"

Rev: "Your Predecessor"

Trance: "Oh, he's the guy who retired. Didn't you say that he bought a farm?"

Harper: "THE FARM, he bought THE farm."

Trance: "What's the difference?"

Beka: "Torn preassure suit. Bad emergency seal."

Trance: "Oh, that IS different."

An Affirming Flame

(about Trance after she has supposedly been killed)Rev: ". . . She was a very private person."

Harper:"Private? She was positively clandestant. Whenever I'd ask her about her name - what it really was in her native language - she'd tell me I couldn't pronounce it. And the more I'd try to pry, the more she'd try to cover it up." (Laughs sadly)

Rev: "In all my travels, I have never seen or heard of a species quite like hers . . . and now . . . I'm afraid I never will again."

Harper: "Okay, I say we kill 'em."

Rommie: ". . . And then . . . she got better."

Harper: "That's our Trance."

Rommie: "She's done this kind of thing before?"

Harper: "The whole coming back from the dead thing? No, that's a new one . . . But - uh - let's just say it's not out of character."

An Affirming Flame

Trance: "So what's it like being a mercenary? It sounds like it'd be a really tough job. I guess it would allow you to travel a lot which is kind of nice, but it's not as if the locals would be happy to see you when you arrive, and I suppose that killing people is a very stressful way to make a living."

Cyborg: "Would you shut up?!"

Trance: "I'm sorry, am I distracting you? I don't mean to, it's just sometimes a find a little casual conversation . . ."


An Affirming Flame

Trance: "So what's it like being a mercenary? It sounds like it'd be a really tough job. I guess it would allow you to travel a lot which is kind of nice, but it's not as if the locals would be happy to see you when you arrive, and I suppose that killing people is a very stressful way to make a living."

Cyborg: "Would you shut up?!"

Trance: "I'm sorry, am I distracting you? I don't mean to, it's just sometimes a find a little casual conversation . . ."


An Affirming Flame

Rev: "You're alive? But how?"

Trance: "Thanks to Dylan and his ship. They saved me when everyone else had given me up for dead. Now if you listen to them maybe they can do the same for you."

To Loose The Fateful Lightening

Harper: "Trance?"

Trance: "I thought you might say that."

Harper: "TRANCE! YOU'RE ALIVE! You're alive."

Trance: "Yes well, people keep telling me so."

To Loose The Fateful Lightening

Harper: "DON'T TOUCH IT! It's venom. I heard about a guy, touched a fresh kill. Three days later his guts were teaming with Magog eggs."

Dylan: "You can't get infected from a dead Magog. That's a myth."

Harper: "I prefer to think of it as a cautionery tale."

To Loose The Fateful Lightening

Harper: "God is good . . . You want some? I could pour it into a spectural analyzer or something."

Rommie: Thanks, but I prefer the logic chips."

Harper: "I can fix that."

To Loose The Fateful Lightening

Beka: "So, are you ever gonna tell me what you're doing locked in my ship with all the sensors cut?"

Harper: "I can't, it's a secret."

Beka: "Harper. Come on, we're friends. We have no secrets."

Harper: "Oh, okay. What's your natural hair color?"

Beka: "I can't tell you, it's a secret."

To Loose The Fateful Lightening

Harper: "Where's Tyr?"

Trance: "It's a secret."

Harper: "Harper Historical Document 1.1: How I saved the future; the autobiography of Seamus Zelazny Harper. Now for reasons of his own, our captain, Dylan Hunt, has decided not to interfere in the Battle of the Witchead Nebula. Now while I respect his decision, I do not share in his evaluation of the situation. Therefore, I have decided to take matters into my own hands. After blinding Andromeda's internal sensors, I have begun to modify key systems of her power core. These modfications, when complete, will allow me to cause a single cataclysmic explosion in the nebula. Note to sculptors- statues of me should look wise. Concerned. I suggest posing me with a sodering wand over my head like a sword. To summarize: genius, young, somewhat good looking engineer sets trap. Nietzscheans arrive. Nietzscheans go boom! And everybody lives happily ever after . . . Harper out."

Angel Dark, Demon Bright

Tyr: "Don't fight the stream."

Trance "It started it!"

Angel Dark, Demon Bright

Dylan: "Beka calls you her good luck charm." "Charm? I got us lost, wrecked our engines and nearly killed us all."

Trance: "I'm a menace."

Angel Dark, Demon Bright

Trance: "Those are plants. Plants are easy. You water the ones you want, you weed out the ones you don't. Sometimes you fertilize a tree and sometimes you prune it. But everything else - like machines and time and space - you know it gets really complicated sometimes."

Dylan: "Hey, I know what you mean. I felt the same way when I took beginning Astrophysics."

Trance: "You're kidding."

Dylan: "Yes, I am."

Angel Dark, Demon Bright

Trance: "Hey Harper, what's this?"

Harper: "Uh, beats me."

Trance: "Isn't it one of your techno-widgits."

Harper (in mock innocence): "Hey, you're right. I was wondering where that went."

Angel Dark, Demon Bright

Trance: "This is one of those really awkward situations isn't it? Where I walked in on you at exactly the wrong moment and I'm supposed to pretend that nothing's really happening and you're supposed to pretend like it's no big deal and then when I turn to leave you kill me, right?"

Tyr: "If it is?"

Trance: "Well, then, I think it's me duty as a friend to explain to you why I think that would be a terrible mistake."

The Ties That Blind

Rev: " . . . a peacemaker."

Trance: "And a human, which means patching him up is as easy as cake."

Dylan: "Easy as pie."

Trance: "Are you sure about that? I think making pie is a lot harder than cake."

Dylan: "Just fix him Trance."

Trance: "Oh, he'll be fine. Compared to baking, brain surgery is a snap."

Trance: "Trust me, nanobots are much more reliable."

"Tyr, you don't mean that."

Trance: "You take that back!"

Tyr: "Why?"

Trance: "Because Dylan is our Captain . . . because he's saved our lives dozens of times . . . because if you don't then I'm gonna . . . hit you!"

Tyr: "Don't forget to 'Hee-Hah'."

Angel Dark, Demon Bright

Trance: "Yah! Pow! And you know what my favourite part was? When Andromeda pretended she was shooting at us. Aw, it was the best part of the trick. She made it look so real, I thought she was gonna shoot me once or twice."

Dylan: Trance . . . that part wasn't a trick . . ."

Trance: "Huh?"

A Rose In The Ashes

Trance: "'Founding Fathers'. You know I've never understood that. If they founded it, it was already there, so how can they be it's father?"

Harper: "Uh- it's complicated to explain. Here, we'll do you . . . I . . ."

Trance: ". . . Trance Gemini . . ."

Harper: " . . . The . . . sparkly, purple, babe . . . of . . . I still don't even know what planet you're from."

Trance: "Oh . . . really? . . . SO, do you think the Araziens will be supportive to the Commonwealth in Dylan's stay?"

Harper: "What are your people called, Trance?"

Trance: "It's not a secret or anything . . . it's just . . . I don't think you'd be able to pronounce it."

Harper: Well, a translation will be fine."

Trance: "Okay . . . uhm . . . it translates as . . . exalted love machines?"

Harper: "Uh-huh, huh, huh . . . Why do I even try?!"

A Rose In The Ashes

TRance: "So, what do you think? Will the Araziens sign on?"

Harper: "Your guess is as good as mine . . . actually it's probably better."

A Rose In The Ashes

TRance: "So, what do you think? Will the Araziens sign on?"

Harper: "Your guess is as good as mine . . . actually it's probably better."

Harper: "There's gotta be hundreds of prison planets."

Rommie: "348 to be exact."

Trance: "Really . . . what about that one."

Beka: "Why? Why that one?"

Trance: "Well, it's . . . pretty."

Tyr: "It's pretty? Now there's a solid reason to risk our lives."

Harper: "You have a better idea?"

Tyr: "No.

A Rose In The Ashes

Dylan: "I understand that you were the one that found us. You know, that's a million to one shot."

Trance: "Um, no. It was only 1 in 348."

Dylan: "Is that all . . ."

The Pearls That Were His Eyes

Dylan: "'Don't worry, I'll look after her . . . Love, Trance."

Hapre: "So?"

Dylan: "So, now I'm worried."

Harper: "They're both big girls, thay can take care of themselves. Besides, we have plenty to worry about right here."

The Pearls That Were His Eyes

Harper: "Okay, I can get most of this stuff. But we'll have to rig for a fast getaway."

Rev: "Harper!"

Dylan: "Harper. We're not gonna steal anything."

Rev: "Thank you."

The Pearls That Were His Eyes

Rommie: "That's ceremonial china from the Than Ambassador."

Harper: "Really! Sounds like a spool of super conductor wire to me."

Rev: "Perhaps you should not watch this."

Rommie: "If I don't keep my eyes open, he'll probably sell them."

Harper: "Rommie, Rommie. Would I hurt you?"

The Pearls That Were His Eyes

Harper: "Mail call!"

Harper: "It's already here, curtesy of your friendly neighbourhood travelers aide. But I don't know why you're so excited. It's always bills for Beka or epistols from Rev Bems spiritual penpals. All you and I ever get is junk."

Harper: "I know. And it's so great, because you can buy your own moon, or you can make millions without ever leaving the comfort of your own home world."

The Pearls That Were His Eyes

Trance: "Watch the tail!"

Bully: "You know, grapes my favorite flavour."

Trance: "Beka? Are they cannibals?"

The Pearls That Were His Eyes

Sid/Sam Profit: "I hear Rucker has great hands."

Trance: "Oh yeah? What's so great about them?"

Beka: "Trance, DO NOT let him buy you off with a back rub . . . this is Sam Profit we are dealing with."

Trance: "I think you're just cranky from the gravity. Why don't you just think of it as a way of decreasing his corporate resources. Now, let's start with the tail . . ."

The Pearls That Were His Eyes

Trance: "Oh yes, to Uncle Sid!"

Beka: "To Uncle Sid! You know Trance, what I could do with 10 million gilders?"

Trance: "Oh, you could buy lots of drinks with umbrellas in them."

The Pearls That Were His Eyes

Trance: "You know, I think he's kinda sweet."

Beka: You know, you shouldn't drink, it impairs your judgement."

Trance: "I'm still trying to figure out this whole poisoning yourself for fun thing, I think I like it."

The Mathematics Of Tears

Beka: "Once a century . . . Wow. . . .they get less action then you, Harper."

Haper: "Ha ha ha . . . No they don't."

The Mathematics Of Tears

Harper: "Yeah, uh, Dutch . . . this is all a lot of fun and everything, but if we don't at least try to fix the slip stream drive, Dylan will kill me."

Dutch: "You are a stubborn Lad, aren't you?"

Harper: "Yeah, it's one of my uh, say, charming qualities."

The Mathematics Of Tears

Dylan: "We need to get out of here."

Harper: "Yeah, tell me something I don't know."

Harper 2.0

Beka: "Don't just stand there . . . open it."

Harper: "What?! No! You open it."

Harper 2.0

Dylan: "Why do you think he attacked you?"

Harper: "Jealous of my good looks maybe?"

Harper 2.0

Harper: "Jeager wants to clock me. I don't wanna be a bullseye on your butt."

Beka: "Dammit Harper, you're gonna get yourself killed. And by the way, that's MY ship you're steering into oblivion, so get your skinny ass back to the hangar deck, NOW!"

Harper: "Oh, now don't get all sentimental on me boss."

Harper 2.0

Harper: "So, is this the part where you explain to me your diabolical plan?"

Jeager: "No. This is the part where open your skull and extract your database by force."

Harper: "Oh. Uh- will it hurt?"

Harper 2.0

Harper: "Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?"

Beka: "Don't start with me Seamus!"

Harper 2.0

Trance: "Harper's brain is holding too much information. It's dangerous . . . for him."

Harper: "I'd have to concur with, uh, Madame Violete there."

Harper 2.0

Trance: "I have never seen anything like it."

Harper: "I could say the same about you Trance. Why don't we do you next?"

Beka: "Knock it off, Harper. This is about you."

Harper: "Me? No. Why me? She's much more interesting. An enigma. Wrapped up in a riddle with a tail in the middle."

Trance: "It's alright, I forgive you."

Forced Perspective

Trance: ". . . it's water."

Dylan: "How?"

Trance: "How? Well, when two hydrogen atoms love each other very much, they bond with an oxygen atom . . ."

Dylan: "No! How did you find me?"

Trance: "Oh, that was easy. I had . . . this."

Dylan: "You found me with a button?"

Trance: "Yeah. Didn't Beka tell you what I used to do before I joined the crew?"

Dylan: "I take it you weren't always an enviromental systems officer?"

Trance: "No, I had all sorts of jobs. The one I was really good at was, well, finding things."

Dylan: "Finding things?"

Trance: "Yeah, you know . . . First I would find things, and then . . . I would take them and give them to people who wanted them."

Dylan: "You were a thief?!"

Trance: "No. Thieves have bad intentions. I never do."

Dylan: "Oh."

Trance: "But, I am going to steal you now, so lets get out of here."

Forced Perspective

Dylan: "I thought you said it was all clear?"

Trance: "It was THEN!"

Forced Perspective

Dylan: "That's Vinitree."

Trance: "You're kidding!!! . . . Who's Vinitree?"

Forced Perspective

Dylan: "Precognition! You can see the future, can't you?"

TRance: "That depends . . ."

Dylan: "On what?"

Trance: "Well, there are all kinds of futures. . . I can . . . a-anyone can foresee any number of possibilities, all of which are constantly diverging. Contingency's arise, imparitives vanish and all the while we tread our way through chaotic uncertainty, never knowing which of hundreds of possible realities we could find ourselves in and . . ."

Dylan: "Trance! . . . Which way?"

Trance: "Left."

Dylan: "Thank you."

Forced Perspective

Dylan: "You picked wrong!"

Tance: "Yeah, I did. But that's the thing about guessing. 90% of the time it's 50/50."

Dylan: "Uh-huh. Guess again!"

Sum Of Its Parts

Harper: "Exactly . . . My hands."

HG: "You are like a slow directing intellegence unit."

Harper: "Ookay . . . I'll take that as a compliment."

Sum Of Its Parts

HG: "What does this do?"

Trance: "This . . . um, doesn't do anything . . . not really."

Harper: "Not yet"

Trance: "Harper's still putting it together."

Harper: "Yeah, you know . . . for- um- fun?"

Sum Of Its Parts

HG: "A world without controlling logic."

Trance: "Well, we like it."