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Gordon's Bio


Name: Gordon Micheal Woolvett

Birthdate: June 12, 1970

Birthplace: Hamilton, Ontario

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Family: Married; has a brother named Jaimz(James)


Hair: Blonde


Feature Films/Made-For-TV Films

Bride Of Chucky


Ultimate Deception - made for TV

Taken Away - made for TV

Mind Games - made for TV


Mystery Island

Mission Genesis


PSI: Factor - guest

FX: The Series - guest

Sliders - guest

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues - guest



 Ultimate Deception - Andy McThomas (1999)

The Highwayman - Walter (1999)

Ice (1998)

Bride Of Chucky - David (1998)

Clutch - Spit (1998)

Mind Games - Victim (1998)

My Date With The President's Daughter - Clyde (1999)

Peacekeepers - Private Huddy (1997)

Promise The Moon - Little Jay (1997)

Shadow Builder - Larry Eggers (1997)

Elvis Meets Nixon - Soldier (1997)

Gone In A Heartbeat (1996)

The Legend Of Gator Face - Chip (1996)

Rude- Ricky (1995)

Bordertown Café- Jimmy (1993)

Family Pictures - Soletski (1993)

X-Rated - Tony Foster (1993)

Princes In Exile - Louis (1990)

The World's Oldest Living Bridesmaid - Rodney (1990)

9B (1986)

Act Of Vengeance - Bobby (1986)

Joshua Then And Now - Teddy Shapiro (1986)

TV Series Seventh Portal (webisodes) - Peter Littlecloud/Thunderer (voice)

Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda - Seamus Harper (2000 - present)

Deepwater Black/Mission Genesis - Reb (1997)

Flash Gordon - voice

Mysterious Island - Herbert Pencroft (1995)

Wildside - Host

Video & Arcade Top Ten - Host

Learning The Ropes - Brad(1988)

Airwaves - Greg (1985)

TV Guest Appearances

 Sliders - Judge in "The Young And The Relentless"

Psi Factor - Gary in "The Labyrinth"

F/X: The Series - "Bad Influence"

Forever Knight - Kyle the Grocery Boy in "Can't Run, Can't Hide"

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues - "The Gang Of Three"

The Mighty Jungle - Peter in "Allison's Restaurant"

Katts And Dog - "Decoy Ducks"

My Secret Identity - "It Only Hurts For a Little While"

Road To Avonlea - Rat in "When She Was Bad, She Was Horrid"

Friday The 13th - Boy #2 in "The Inheritance"

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future - Mitch in "Pariah"

Gordon Michael Woolvett was born in 1970 in Hamilton, Ontario. By the age of twelve, he had an agent, and has also attended the Theatre Aquarius (alma mater of SCTV actors Martin Short and Eugene Levy). He has appeared in many commercials, movies and TV series. Gordon has garnered a Gemini nomination for one of them, Princes In Exile, as Louis, a cancer patient. In addition to this, he has also hosted Video & Arcade Top Ten for YTV and Wildside for Nickelodeon.

Gordon has an older brother who's also an actor, Jaimz. He reportedly became an actor after comparing paychecks with Gordon. Gordon's also a self proclaimed Star Trek fan, and admires the work of Patrick Stewart, Gary Oldman and Kirk and Michael Douglas. He also likes writing in his spare time (particularily science fiction). He's also married to actress Michele Morand, and they have had their first child recently.