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Harper's Bio


Name: Seamus Zelazny Harper

Age: Unspecified, looks to be early 20's

Race: Human

Marital Status: Single

Birthplace: Earth

Family: Unknown, except for two deceased cousins



Hair: Blonde

Rank: Engineer

Odd Traits: metal thing on his neck, allows him access to computers and stuff









Loves Coffee

Loves Harley Davidsons

Seamus Zelazny Harper is the sole engineer on board Andromeda. He grew up on Earth more than twenty years before joining the Andromeda crew. His favourite drink appears to be Sparky, a caffeinated cola, along with a liking of Neubayern Weisbrau (beer).

 Harper is very technically gifted. Give him the flexi with plans for anything, and he can build it, from FMS to Ship Made Flesh. Harper also has a data port in his neck that allows him to access encyclopedia disks instantly, enter virtual reality, monitor computers and control them.

 Growing up on Earth was not a pleasant experience for Harper. He was born in Dunwich, Massachusetts. His family believed that it would be safe to raise a family outside the Nietzschean influence. This left them open to Magog attacks. Harper had two cousins, Declan and Siobhan. They were infested with Magog eggs, and Harper's family chose to kill them instead of letting the eggs hatch. (To Loose The Fateful Lightning) This gave Harper a deep fear of Magog, which has come out at times. After this, his family moved to a refugee camp under Nietzschean authority, near Boston harbour. (D Minus Zero) Food was scarce, and Harper has stated that, "I survived by being the nastiest piece of work that ever clubbed someone over the head in the back alley over a hunk of cheese." (Fear And Loathing In The Milky Way) There were also Nietzscheans, which Harper has no great love for either. This was shown in Angel Dark, Demon Bright when Harper plotted to kill 150 000 Nietzscheans. He was able to use his plan to kill 100 000 Nietzscheans, but learned that revenge has a bitter taste.

 Harper showed an early talent for fixing broken parts. He scavenged for broken pieces of technology and fixed them up, despite the danger from Nietzscheans who would execute him for doing so. After his parents died, Harper joined some of the neighbourhood protection societies, fixing stuff and running errands. Eventually, he met up with Beka and her now ex-boyfriend Bobby, who took him on as the chief engineer of the Eureka Maru and got him off of Earth.

 Harper tends to make snarky and sarcastic quips. He also calls himself a freaking genius, and his abilities amazing. However, he does show some self-esteem issues. Harper knows that he is a technical genius, but he said to Rev after getting the ASU database out of his brain, "Just empty old Harper again." (Harper 2.0)

 Harper has a weak immune system, which causes him to catch ill easily. He caught Triangulum measles before the mission to salvage the Andromeda Ascendant, a virus on Kalderash V and was the first to be affected by radiation sickness during the first encounter with the Restors in D Minus Zero.

 In the events of 'Its Hour Come Round At Last' and 'The Widening Gyre,' Harper faced his worst fear: Magog. The Andromeda was boarded, and Harper had to fight for his life against Magog. He and Tyr fought valiantly, and Harper was able to keep on fighting, even when it looked as though things were at their worst. However, they fell to the Magog, and were infected with Magog eggs. The eggs were removed from Tyr. However, Trance could not remove them from Harper due to the extreme risk involved. Harper has to take medication religiously in order to keep the Magog eggs dormant. Harper had trouble adjusting to the eggs, and wanted to die. There was no known cure for the infection. Rommie helped him realize that he was still needed and could not give up hope so easily. (Exit Strategies)

All images are copyright of Tribune Entertainment. Some information is from Seamus Harper Online.