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Last Updated: Tuesday December 30, 2003 9:08 PM

  1. December 30, 2003: New Star Gate Link and New Star Trek Link
  2. December 29: Yup me again. Finished the reformat please check things out and give feedback or report any broken or unchanged links or pics.
  3. December 29: Reformat almost done. Also have added new stuff, Changed some old stuff, etc.... Some broken links may still exist and some pages may still have the OLD look but that is because I am not done yet.
  4. December 19: Reformatting Moonwaves
  5. November 20th: New Text Link, New Membership, New Star Wars Link, New Andromeda Links, New Battle Star Galactica Links, New Star Fleet Links
  6. November 6th: New Fanart all Off Topic
  7. November 5th: New Star Wars Links, New Star Gate Links, New Forum
  8. October 17th: Memberships Updated, new Text Link
  9. October 5th: Long since finished the merger of Star Trek and Star Wars now adding Moonwaves and changing the naem to Moonwaves.Have done small behind the scenes updates that I did have have tim eot list over the last few months
  10. July 15, 2003: Nope not done yet Still have tons more to move and do but I hope you like what is up so far. :-)
  11. July 13, 2003: Begin Changing the Site to a Star Trek/Star Wars Fansite. Still a Trekkor through and through but I like Star Wars too and instead of building a brand new site decided to keep things easier on me by putting both on the same site. :-) Nothing will be removed accept that Enterprise Series that I loathe with a passion.
  12. June 27, 2003: New Affiliate
  13. June 24, 2003: Back finally sorry gone so long. Memberships Updated, New Interactive
  14. May 3, 2003: Memberships Updated
  15. April 11, 2003: New Voyager Link, New Star Wars Link, New William Shatner Link, New Text Link, New Other Link, New Vulcan Link, New Nominations, New Membership, New Listed
  16. April 10, 2003: New Look uploaded next step is to update it.