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Patrick Stewart Praises NEMESIS, X-MEN 2 and ENTERPRISE

Posted: 20:42:21 on July 22 2002

By: GustavoLeao

Dept: Star Trek: Nemesis

The latest issue of DreamWatch magazine, just out in the UK, features an exclusive interview with TNG star Patrick Stewart. Here are some excerpts :

"I think it's possible that there might be more to anticipate and to be excited about with NEMESIS than with any of our previous movies, including everybody's favorite, FIRST CONTACT," says Stewart about the upcoming TNG movie. "I think we've got the mix right, in terms of a strong story."

"There are two storylines running side by side, interconnecting at different times," he continues. "We have a very strong action base as well for this, which means that the dialogue scenes are broken up with really quite effective sequences of action. It has romance in it - in fact, it's probably the sexiest movie we've done in some respects, although unfortunately none of this involves me. It has a psychological aspect to it too, which is interesting and potent. And there are surprises - the kind of surprises that, while we were shooting it, we were licking our chops with glee at the thought of these things that were going to surprise people."

"It's also a very emotional film. I think even those who are not die-hard fans and don't know all of the history of the Next Gen will find it quite intense. I think it's more emotional than anything we've done on the big screen before. And because we have both a director and a writer who are non-Star Trek people for the first time, I think there is a fresh perspective on it. John Logan is one of the best writers working in Hollywood today, and also happens to be a Star Trek fan - a big Star Trek fan. And of course Stuart Baird is a very distinguised editor and action director."

"So I think there's a lot to look foward to," promises Stewart. "And it starts right at the beginning; a couple of minutes into the film, we've got lots of stuff happening."

There have been a lot of rumors about this being the last TNG movie, but Stewart makes it clear that he has heard nothing official from the studio.

"If think it all comes down to economics," he muses. "If this movie does well - and I think it has a good chance of doing well - we may be putting on our space suits again in a couple of years."

"It could go either way really. There's excellent closure for everybody in this film. But there's also a wide open opportunity just inviting a sequel as well. [...] With me now, it's entirely come down to project by project. If we can have a script as we have with NEMESIS which is original, fresh and isn't simply reheating stuff we've seen before, I would be very happy to continue with it."

Stewart's next project is X-MEN 2 [aka X2] in which he returns to the role of mutant leader Professor Charles Xavier.

"The story [of X2] goes in a direction that I thought was quite unexpected, which is always a good thing," says Stewart of the sequel. "It involves my character a good deal more than the other movie did. Unlike the first X-Men where he was just out of the movie for a big chunk of time, he is consistently active. I think it's looking really promising."

Stewart won't entirely rule out a guest appearance in the new series ENTERPRISE ("Hey, this is Star Trek - anything can happen") and admits that he is interested in directing an episode of the show.


"I wish ENTERPRISE really well," he states. "They're a terrific cast. Scott Bakula [Captain Archer] is a wonderful actor and has proved to be a good colleague, because they were filming at Paramount all the time we were doing NEMESIS."

"No one else may know this" adds Stewart "but my chair was stolen from the bridge. It was a $20,000 chair. Scott had a replacement made for me which was a kind of rickety old wooden chair on wheels."