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1. This section is for fanfiction writers and fanart creators. The Topics Accepted are: Andromeda, Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate, and the ORIGINAL Battlestar Galactica. (the new miniseries, movie, whaterver is not allowed at Moonwaves.) If you write fanficition (no slash or NC-17) or create fanart (collages, montages, buddy icons, sig tags, stationary, etc....) then send them my way.

2. Once your work is accepted pick up a code and stick it in your membership section then link it back to if you have a site. (If you don't have a site then skip this step.)

3. You will be listed here as a member of Rommie's Drones and your fanfiction and fanart will be displayed giving you FULL credit for your work.

4. Simply Email Me your name, email, fanfic or fanart and if you have a site its name and url. Your site does not have to have a thing to do with Andromeda, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battle Star Galactica (the original), or Star Gate btw. Heck it doesn't have to be Science Fiction at all. (Once it is posted on this site your fanfic or fanart will have a link on every page it is on giving you full credit. No site your name and chosen email will be in place of the link.)

5. Once you are a member all you have to do is send me your work and it will be posted on your page or pages.

Email Me your Submissions